Buy iPhone 5: Its Advantages and Features

Apple launched the iPhone 5 is believed to have several advantages compared with previous iPhone besides the physical form of thinner some of its features even more superior and have been using iOS 6 which is Apple's latest operating system. Well here are some advantages of iPhone 5.
  • Smart phones are usually used to access the data. iPhone 5 that already has LTE network connectivity, already assured of access to the data will be faster than 3G.
  • There is a new feature in iOS makes the iPad put a logo as wallpaper and make it unable to be replaced by others. This feature is very unique. 
  • With iOS 6, users can combine Siri application and folders in order to help to find a specific location.
  • This application (FaceTime) can help the businessman who was out of town to stay in touch with family at home.
  • This application (Passbook) available to make all users pass cards to all-digital. Not only that, this application can also be used to check in like Foursquare.
  • At the meeting, the phone rings normally is undesirable because it can break the concentration. Because of that, Apple can set feature works automatically when the call came. Later, the iPhone will automatically send an SMS to the person who is calling so he can know that you are attending the meeting. 
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